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Note: Users will need to enter an email address to submit a program profile for the Heritage Language Programs Directory. The email address used to submit the program profile will be the email address used to enter any program profile changes going forward.

Helpful tips:

  • Please provide the most complete answers and information you can to give readers of your profile the fullest understanding of your program.
  • We hope you will be able to complete the profile in one sitting. If necessary, you can complete part of the profile and return at a later time to complete it. Please make note of the email address you enter when beginning the process and use this same email address to access your submitted profile information at a later date using the Retrieve Profile function of our database.
  • You can navigate between the individual parts of the form using the menu options in the left column. Please note that, once you click on Contact Information or Contact Person, you must complete those sections before you move to other sections in the form.
  • Once you submit your profile, it will be reviewed by staff and posted.

To Get Started:

If you have not filled out a profile yet and would like to start one, provide your email address and click on the Start Profile button below to continue.

If you have already started a profile and want to retrieve it, enter your email address and click on the Retrieve Profile button below to continue.

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Please save each page as you progress through the profile. At the bottom of each page, you will see a Save and Continue button. Click this to save.

If you need to stop the profile temporarily, you can come back. Click Save & Continue. Then you can close the Web site. When you want to retrieve the survey to continue, come back to this page, and enter your email address and click the Retrieve Profile button.

If you have questions, email