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Al-Amal School 
Institution name:
Address: 1401 Gardena Ave. NE
Fridley, MN 55432
Telephone: (763) 571-8886
Fax: (763) 571-1925
Web address: http://www.al-amal.org/
Name: Mrs. Audrey Zahra Williams
Title: Principal
Address: 1401 Gardena Ave.
NE FridleyMN  55432
Email: zahra.williams@al-amal.org
Telephone: (763) 571-8886
Purposes and goals of the program:
Al- Amal is a full-time private school that seeks to educate pre-K-12 muslim students in an environment that has a focus on Islam. 

The curriculum has a special emphasis on the Quar’an and the Sunnah, Arabic, and Islamic studies, and knowledge of the Arabic language is central to the education students receive.  Arabic is offered from pre-K through high school, with a variety of levels for each age group to accommodate the needs of each individual student.
Program origin:
The school was founded in 1994 by parents and community members who wanted an alternative to public education for their children.  Classes were held in the homes of teachers before they could acquire the funds for a larger venue.  The school is now housed in a former elementary school building.
Program funding:
Al-Amal is an independent non-profit institution.
Languages/dialects taught:
  • Arabic
  • Program type:  School-Based
         Grades taught: preK-5
         Grades taught: 6-12
    Average enrollment: 460
    Total contact hours per week: 35
    Times per week classes meet: 5
    When meetings take place:
    Monday-Friday 8am-4pm
    Where meetings take place:
    Al-Amal school building
    Parents' or guardians' expectations of the program:
    Parent involvement in school efforts is strongly encouraged, recognizing the link between parent involvement and student achievement and confidence.
    Parents' or guardians' involvement in the program:
    The Al-Amal School PTSA (Parent-Teacher-Student Association) members have either initiated or been involved in various activities: after-school tutoring, annual school picnic, teacher appreciation week, support in organizing of school fundraising events, quarterly parent potlucks, addressing parents' issues with board and administration, etc. The PTSA is an independent forum with seven elected officers.
    Instructors' expectations of the program:
    Qualified teachers are invited to apply for the positions of elementary homeroom teachers, subject teachers for middle and high school, and Islamic studies, Arabic, and Qur'an. There is a 13-1 student-teacher ratio at Al-Amal.
    Number of instructors in the program
    Full-time instructors: 38
    Part-time instructors:
    Volunteer instructors:
    Languages in which instructors are proficient:
    English, Arabic
    Educational backgrounds and credentials of instructors
    (e.g., diploma, bachelor's, master's, doctorate, certificate):

    Essential requirements: • Bachelors Degree (or higher) in a closely related field • Fluency in English • Authorized to work in the U.S. • Good knowledge of Islam • A minimum of 2 years teaching experience in an accredited educational institution or a U.S. teaching certificate. • A teaching license may be required depending on the subject/grade level.
    Professional development opportunities instructors have:
    Benefits include: • Islamic environment for staff members, students and parents • On-site daycare facility for staff • Health Savings Account (HSA) program sponsored by the school • Priority for children of staff members in admission process
    Professional development opportunities instructors need:
    Students' expectations of the program:
    Academics at Al-Amal are rigorous and students consistantly perform above national averages.  Admission is based on performance on a placement test, a review of academic history, a commitment to the mission statement, and a final interview conducted by the hiring committee.
    Student background
    First-generation immigrants:
    Second-generation immigrants:
    Third-generation immigrants:
    Children of interethnic marriages:
    Children of interethnic adoption:
    Indigenous students:
    Students' countries of origin:
    How the program identifies heritage language speakers:
    Students who attend Al-Amal have either a linguistic or cultural connection to the Arabic language as a primary language spoken at home, or as a language important to their Islamic heritage.

    These are the demographics for the languages spoken in student homes:

    Arabic- 32%

    Somali- 32%

    Mixed Arabic and English- 11%

    Urdu- 10%

    English- 5%

    Other (Oromo, Swahili, German, Farsi, Turkish, Spanish, and Tygrani)- 10%
    Average enrollment: 460
    Approximate percentage of students who complete the program:
    Approximate percentage of students who continue to study the heritage language after completing the program:
    Possible reasons that students continue to study the heritage language after completing the program:
    Total contact hours per week: 35
    Times per week: 5
    Student grouping (e.g., proficiency level, grade, age):
    Proficiency level/ Grade
    Language skills taught in the program (e.g., reading, writing, speaking, and listening):
    Reading, writing, speaking (Emphasis is on scripture readings)
    Aspects of culture included in the program (e.g., history, literature, traditions):
    Islamic culture is presented in both an academic and community format, linking heritage students to the Arabic language through a study of its use and significance.
    Other content taught in the program:
    Instructional methodologies used in the program:
    Levels of language proficiency reached by the end of the program (e.g., ACTFL proficiency levels, language tasks able to perform):
    Manuals and workbooks:
    Self-designed materials:
    Films, videos, and DVDs:
    Standardized tests used:
    The IOWA Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) is a nationwide standardized test that measures basic skills and general knowledge. Al-Amal School students are given the ITBS every year in the Spring.
    Other assessments used:
    Prospective students must complete a proficiency exam as part of the admissions process.
    Connections with local schools or other organizations:
    Al-Amal School is an independent, non-profit organization and not affiliated with or governed by any other local, national, or international organization. Licensed by: North Central Association of Colleges and Schools
    Credit received from formal education system:
    Credit is offered for completion of grades preK-12.
    Types of support received (e.g., financial, time from parents or volunteers):
    Parents are encouraged to volunteer for the school, and the PTSA does much of the fund-raising and event-planning needed for the school community.
    Additional support desired:
    Challenges faced by the program:

    Al-Amal School offers limited Tuition Aid to qualifying families based on income hardship circumstances.

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