Secondary Newcomer Programs in the U.S.

Welcome to the 2008-11 Newcomer Database for Secondary School Programs. This is a searchable database that includes more than 60 programs in 23 states that participated in the research study, "Exemplary Programs for Newcomer English Language Learners at the Secondary Level," during 2008 – 2011 school years. The study was conducted by Deborah Short, Beverly Boyson and Jacqueline Lopez at the Center for Applied Linguistics and funded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York.

If you would like to search our database and look at the profiles of current programs, use the buttons below. The following tips may help you.

Search tips:

  1. Browse All Programs: Click the search button without specifying any search criteria to see all of the programs in the database if you are not looking for any particular type of program.
  2. Browse Types of Programs: Choose specific terms in the drop down menus from any number of the categories listed for your search. The order of the terms is not important. Only records that have all of the selected search terms will be found. Each additional feature will restrict the number of newcomer programs shown.
    • Example 1: Select School level = middle school. All middle school programs in the database will be selected and can be browsed.
    • Example 2: Select School level = high school, State = Iowa, and Length of daily program = full day. Only the program(s) that match all three features will be found. Records that have only one or two but not all three of the terms will not be found.
  3. Too many results: If your search yields too many results, you may wish to add more categories to restrict it.
  4. Too few results: If your search does not find enough programs, you should select fewer categories.
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