Dual Language Program Directory

Welcome to the enhanced Dual Language Program Directory provided by CAL as a free online resource to the field. This directory is an archive and no longer updated.

The purpose of this searchable directory is two-fold: to capture and quantify the number and types of dual language programs implemented in the United States; and to connect leaders of dual language programs from across the country and facilitate networking among and between them.

The CAL Dual Language Program Directory houses data about PreK-12 dual language programs around the United States and is designed to make it easy to search for information about dual language programs. In addition to enhanced functionality and improved usability, CAL has imported data from its earlier directory and has also added data about dual language programs found in public records.

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You can search the Dual Language Program Directory by name, location, and selected features.


About the Directory

This directory includes elementary, middle, and high school programs that provide grade-level content instruction to language minority students from a single language background (such as English learners with a home language of Spanish, Mandarin, etc.) in the students’ native language as well as in English.

By definition, dual language programs:
  • Provide English learners language and content instruction through two languages for a minimum of five years with the goal of promoting bilingualism and biliteracy, high levels of academic achievement, and increased levels of cross-cultural competence;
  • Are designed specifically to meet the needs of language minority students, but may also in some instances offer multilingual enrichment opportunities for students already fluent in English.

The CAL Dual Language Program Directory houses information on two main types of dual language programs:

  • One-way Dual Language: Programs in which the student population is composed entirely of language minority students (English learners) with a common home language.
  • Two-way Dual Language: Programs that serve a student population composed of balanced (or nearly balanced) numbers of language minority students from a single language group and English-fluent speakers.

Note: The language profession is continually reviewing program definitions and has noted that some schools use different terminology for their multilingual programs. The CAL Dual Language Directory targets programs that serve English learners through their native language and English, with participation, in some cases, of English-fluent students. For information on programs that are designed primarily to serve native English speakers through two or more languages, please access CAL’s FL Immersion Directory.

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